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Date Version Changes
  • Fixed bug of opening files with dots in their names
  • Ability to read files from folder was got back
  • 2005/06/22
  • Added ziped data files suport
  • Added xmltv file format support
  • Program settings' saving is changed depending on installation folder
  • Added view filter options saving (Now/Today)
  • Highlighting now uses description text
  • Program description is added now to the alarm's note
  • 2005/01/21
  • New listing view mode
  • New feature to change font
  • Added bold font for announcments option
  • Added italic font for current running program
  • New channel options dialog (time correction and custom cannels sort)
  • New filter by channels
  • 2004/07/20
  • Changed date and time representation (according to system defined)
  • Added interface localization (Russian and German)
  • 2004/06/09
  • Changed program description window
  • Fixed program description scrolling
  • 2004/06/04
  • Created MIPS and SH3 build tasks
  • Added new program description window
  • Added program announce parsing
  • 2004/05/19
  • Added text highlighting by the pattern
  • Xml parsing works a bit faster
  • Fixed sort by the TV channel number (for RBC)
  • .EXE Setup
  • Separate Pocket PC 2003 build
  • Few critical bugs now fixed
  • 2004/03/31
  • Options can be saved now
  • Added selection of the data folder
  • Fixed crash with no reason on PPC2002
  • Few bugs are fixed
  • 2004/02/14
  • Added the creation of reminders
  • "Today" filter
  • "Now" filter has been changed
  • Fixed scrolling
  • Many bugs now are fixed
  • 2004/01/22
  • Fixed the TV channels sort
  • 2004/01/17
  • Filter by the date
  • Few bugs are killed
  • 2003/12/23
  • First public release
  • Install with the Setup .EXE on desktop system
    or by the CAB Installer directly on your Pocket PC.
    Create folder for data, then drop here xml-files -
    which you can grab at atv-parser or already created files from, then just run TV Guide! ;)
    At the first run program will ask you for the data folder.

    You can also use the converter from xmltv data file.
    It runs under Windows 98/ME/2000/XP and requires MSXML installed.
    Usage: XML2TVGuide.vbs <input xml file>
    Output files will be placed in "_tvguide_data_" folder

    In case of any bugs or just for suggestions please write me at:
    ...or by ICQ 55573930
    ...or by FIDO 2:5030/172.252

    See you later! petition banner Logo Rambler's Top100 Рейтинг